Tessa Knapp | Video Installation

The media artist Tessa Knapp works time-based and cross-genre between location-based installation and video art on language, performance, and experimental film and will be traveling to Iran to hold a guest exhibition at New Media Project and artist talk at Haan Gallery, Shiraz in October 2018.

She was born in 1981 in Stuttgart, studied media art at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne and graduated in 2007 with honors from Marcel Odenbach, Matthias Muller, and Siegfried Zielinski. Since 2005, Tessa Knapp has been represented at exhibitions and screenings internationally, including the Videonale 9 and 11 at the Kunstmuseum Bonn, the Biennale Balticum at the Rauma Art Museum Finland, the Hongh Gah Museum Taipei and the Museo Paco des Artes Sao Paulo. They were also presented at festivals such as the New York Video Festival, the European Media Art Festival, the Transmediale or the film festival Max Ophüls Prize. After a working scholarship at Atelier Galata Istanbul in 2009, she received the Zonta Prize of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen for the video work 99 Beautiful that was also broadcasted on television and became part of the art collection „Kunst aus NRW.In 2016, Tessa Knapp received the Horizont-Raum-Award, traveled to Armenia and Georgia as a scholarship holder of the Women’s Cultural Office NRW and was represented at the Tbilisi Literary Museum. In 2017, Knapp exhibited at the Museum Cavazzen Lindau and developed a site-specific intervention and group exhibition at State Silk Museum Tbilisi, entitled “Museum of Transformation“ presenting a museum of change. In 2018 she presents a new site-specific light installation at Kunstverein Brühl and receives the artist residency of Queens Collective Marrakech, Marocco. Since 2009 she has also worked in numerous interdisciplinary and participative productions in the fields of performance, dance, music, and sound. Among the collaborations with choreographers, sound artists and dancers a digital storytelling workshop in Nairobi, a play and video graphic music theater for young refugees and more recently a performative work laboratory for voice, language and non-verbal forms of expression.

Artist talk and Screening  by Tessa Knapp – Wednesday 10.10.2018  – 6 pm

Exhibition 11.-28.10.2018 – Opening Friday from 5-9 pm Saturday to Tuesday by appointment (write us at info@newmediasoc.com) 

This art project is funded by ifa, German Institute for Foreign Relations”

New Media Projects – Tehran

T-ask: Set in motion | Material from Bremen in Tehran

T-ask: Set in motion
Material from Bremen in Tehran
New Media Projects
Feb 23-27, 2018
4-8 pm
New Media Society invites you to T-ask: Set in motion, an open studio by five artists from Tehran and Bremen: Alireza Mohammadi, Neda Zare, Ehsan Barati, Konstanze spat and Stephan Thierbach

Open Cycle | Videos by Alireza Rofougaran

Open Cycle | Videos by Alireza Rofougaran

New Media Projects

Friday, Nov 23, 2017, 4-9 pm
Thursday, Nov 30, 2017. 3-7 pm

New Media Projects invites you to the open studio by Alireza Rofougaran. In open Cycle, he will shared some of his video works related to the city.

Rofougaran writes:
“In a certain time it starts from hearing, it repeats and then you can notice it’s existence; Then you hope to see it, but it isn’t possible every day, You tend to see it every day at the same time in a safe way that doesn’t spoil the repetition. you can have a presence outside of it, safe from being inside. This is a new chance to reach a more subjective knowledge. this repetitive cycle of knowing still continues. the overlapping repetition of the similar, crosses the border, with a little surface to let new examples.”

Michał Szlaga ‚Theirs‘

New Media Society in collaboration with Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tehran present:

Michał Szlaga ‚Theirs‘
Jan 20-24, 2017
New Media Projects – Tehran

Opening: Friday Jan 20, 2017, 5-9 pm

Curators: Patrycja Ryłko, Dorota Walentynowicz
Guest screening by Paweł Althamer, Honorata Martin

The exhibition‚ Theirs‘ involves different forms of artistic collaboration and friendship practiced by the photographer Michał Szlaga while documenting works of other artists. All presented artists apply Szlaga’s photographs or videos in their exhibition/ publishing format. The projects – by Paweł Althamer, Honorata Martin, Jerzy Bohdan Szumczyk and Piotr Uklański – directly question the notion of blended visual language, a fluid concept of authorship and delegated instructions. The exhibition simultaneously unveils Szlaga‘s coherent visual idiom as well as the diverse method of work implemented by each artist. It functions as a specific palimpsest – ways of seeing, watching and interpreting.
Michał Szlaga (b. 1978) – lives and works in Gdańsk, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. Szlaga debuted with a series of staged self-portraits under the common title What Made Me? (2002), in which he adopted the historical roles of a Nazi, a Jew, a Catholic priest, a Militsiya officer, a soldier of the Red Army. Since 2000, his works have been marked by obsessive returns to the Gdańsk Shipyard, which is perceived as a place of birth, boom and demise of the workers’ movement “Solidarity”, and a testimony to the once thriving shipbuilding industry, whose remnants should nowadays be preserved in photographs. For Szlaga, the Shipyard is a constantly changing post-industrial architectural landscape, which abounds in people and traces of history; a landscape which the artist documents in photographs and video films. Szlaga’s photo coverages and individual photographs have received numerous awards in Poland and abroad (such as International Photo Awards 2007). His works have been exhibited at the Wyspa Institute of Art, Gdańsk (2010); the festival Transphotographiques Nord(s), Maison de la Photographie, Lille (2011); Contenedores de Arte, LasPalmas de Gran Canaria (2011); 1st Opole Photography Festival, Opole (2011); Festival Transphotography North, PiTiPa Gallery, Gdańsk (2011); Gdańsk City Gallery 2 (2014); Europäischen Monats der Fotografie, Polnisches Institut Berlin (2014); State Gallery of Art, Sopot (2015).

The exhibition will be on view until Tuesday, Jan 24, 2017, from 4 to 8 pm.

Made up | Videos by Amirali Mohebbinejad

A one day open studio with Amirali Mohebbinejad
New Media Projects – Tehran

A one-day open studio with Amirali Mohebbinejad
New Media Projects – Tehran

Amirali Mohebbi Nejad (b. 1981, Iranian) is a Tehran-based video artist, singer/songwriter, and photographer. His artistic journey has started with photography and music since 2001, followed experimentations in video and installation. He enthusiastically pursues his video practice ever since he made his first video back in 2006. His videos have been shown on several occasions across the globe to name a few: “Invisible Present Tense” in Brazil, Canada and the United States, “Part of Me” in Paris and Tehran, and “If we ever meet again” at Thoman Erben Gallery, New York.
In the field of music, he initiated the founding of several underground bands; and meanwhile continued his solo project as a singer/songwriter. In recent years he has been working individually as a freelance artist in the Iranian music scene. His first album was released in early 2016. Nowadays, besides his solo activities, he is participating in several musical projects, collaborations. His works are mostly inspired by his personal concerns and reflects his view of the world surrounding him.

Mohebbinejad uses sound/visual collages and sound recording and carefully mixes them to create his multi-layer- audiovisual-scapes. New Media project is proud to host MADE UP, a one-day open studio with Amirali Mohebbinejad to mark his ten years of video making.

New Media Project: No 3, Araabi 3 St, N Kheradmand St., Karimkhan St, Tehran – Iran
Visiting hours: 4-8 pm

All Other Passports

New Media Society in collaboration with Parkingallery Projects presents
All Other Passports

The Last Day; 80X100 cm- C-print (5)

The Last Daty by Behnam Sadighi

The exhibition brings together artists living in various locations on the globe from Los Angeles to Isfahan and from Milan to Berlin.
Platforms Project @ Art Athina
Booth: P 35
Faliron Pavilion, Athens, Greece
Athens 26-29 May, 2016

When one arrives at the international airport in Iran, a sign divides “Foreign” from “Iranian” and this simple binary categorization leads to two lines where one waits for passport control. We borrowed our working title – All Other Passports- from a common sign that one sees upon arrival to most European countries.
One can question what has happened to the birthplace of democracy and the western civilization. Is this situation
more about what we “don’t” know, rather than what we actually know or allowed to speak about? Observing other countries and their layered contexts from afar and especially through mainstream/corporate media has shaped most of our imaginary perception.
We can hardly participate in a conversation which we are not invited to engage with, as if we have been doomed to be observed. We are allowed to comment only on the domains that are reduced to geographical and regional boundaries of where we come from. Can we imagine the segregation caused by the
logo/color of our passport and the value system it creates to fade or shift shape by bottom up/ grass root movements of
people? Can we look at various modes of fleeing/migrating/traveling and nomad activities as a form of resistance against suppressing systems, despite where their
location, in the heart of Western Europe, or the Middle East?
What is considered “Foreign” lands? What does foreign affairs mean in an interconnected and complex on Mobility of Knowledge and People context of Europe today?

The project features a publication by New Media Society
Published by Contemporary Art Publication and designed by Amir Moghtada Studio.With contributions by
Monireh Askari – Tara Kaboli / Shervin Fekri – Gelare Khoshgozaran – Saman Khosravi – Jovana Komnenić –
Behnam Sadighi – Sona Safaei Sooreh – Bahar Samadi & Marko Stamenković

Curator Amirali Ghasemi
Associate curator Neda Mohamadi

Special thanks to
Roya Pourvakil
Ehsan Lajevardi
Sajedeh Elhami
Grace Maral Burnet
Taraneh Hemami
Alexandros Georgiou
Eleni Kotsoni
Giannis Delagrammatikas
Farokh Falsafi
Tina Kadkhodaian
Amir Moghtada

3 Videos and few photo-based works of Amirali Ghasemi

Amirali Ghasemi, Curator / Media Artists and a founding member of New Media Society on Friday April 15, 2016 will exhibit few unseen/less seen projects such as Tehran Remixed: Party Series, Coffee-shop Ladies, White Reconstruction & Recent irritations together with three videos from the past years : Dancing Fan (1999), As Doctor prescribed (2009) and Browsing Photos from a Hard Disk (2012).

3 hand painted backdrops, from “Choose Your background” which were used in his ongoing photography project in public spaces and various galleries in Tehran, Istanbul, Berlin, Ottawa and Toronto (2006- 2012) are installed in the yard and living room. Two installations are as well presented in this spontaneous open studio: John’s Schoolmates, based a the last year book of American Collage in Tehran dated 1978 and the photo project Amirali’s Hard disk shown at Azad Gallery before in 2007, now becomes an participatory storytelling excuse dealing with collective memory, digital vs analog and experience of remembrance and forgetting at the same time as he signs and gives away the hundreds of photos used in his large installation before.

Diagram-Making: Shirin Fahimi’s open studio

On Friday April 1st, 4-8 pm, New Media Projects will host an open studio with Shirin Fahmi (Montreal). She will present her diagrams, installation and screen her previous video works. Shirin Fahimi’s practice as a visual thinking process intends to traverse the distance between theoretical research and the process of art making through diagramming.
Questioning the formation of the self, the subject and selflessness has been center of her conceptual framework. By tracing invisible forces and relations between perception and intentions, she intends to materially display the mental geography. Diagram, as a movement towards actualization, will not merely imitate something that already exists, but it will maps out possibilities prior to an appearance of a definitive form.

Shirin Fahimi is an Iranian, Montreal-based artist, working in a variety of media. She received her BA from Slade School of Fine Art (University College London) in 2013, and currently doing her MFA at Concordia University. Fahimi’s conceptual interest is in the domain of philosophy, tackling the question of ‘the self’, while exploring a way of philosophical thinking in the medium of art, through drawing and diagram making.

Friday April 1st, 2016, 4-8 pm

New Media Projects:
No. 3, Arabi 3, Kheradmand-e Shomali, Karimkhan.
Tel: +98 21 88829253
Metro: 7-tir Station

Checkpoint Poster

Checkpoint poster | New Media Projects
Friday March 11, 2016, 5-8 pm

New Media Project for the last time before Nowrouz opens its door to public for an exhibition by two Iranian designers
Amir Moghtada & Saman Khosravi during the years have been designing cultural posters with exemplary passion and unique quality. Selflessly supporting independent projects and small galleries, they made a great contribution to expansion of their activities.
While the differences in their approach in forms & style mark signifies their vibrant visual worlds, their strong point is distancing themselves from corporate graphic designs and working in their small studios despite the obstacles of being independent thinkers and designers.

New Media Project room to pay respect to their efforts for expanding borders of our imagination and in the light of our recent collaboration with them, will be host checkpoint: poster their open studio at New Media Society. Join us to meet them and look at their colorful posters and get to know how they are made.

For more information contact us:

New Media Projects:
No 3, Arabi 3 St., Kheradmand Shomali St.,
Karimkhan St., Tehran – Iran
Tel: 88829253 – 86071640

Leonie Roessler’s installation: Stop and Listen, The Hague

Friday, Feb 19, 2016 – 5-9 pm
New Media Projects
Leonie Roessler
Sound Installation

"Stop and Listen, The Hague!" - Sound installation by Leonie Roessler in the Nutshuis, The Hague, October 2015.

“Stop and Listen, The Hague!” – Sound installation by Leonie Roessler in the Nutshuis, The Hague, October 2015.

Installation – Stop en Luister, Den Haag! (Stop and Listen, The Hague)
“Stop en Luister, Den Haag! is a series of six pieces documenting six different, sonically interesting locations in the city of The Hague. What does The Hague sound like? Are there sounds that we can find all around the city, defining it sonically and distinguishing it from other places? Will it sound different in five years, in ten years, in twenty years?
I carefully record my environment, sometimes returning at various times of the week and day, to be able to record all that a place has to offer. I select the most typical and interesting sounds, sometimes out of hours of material collected, and arrange it into a musical composition for the listener. I detect rhythms and patterns and layer them. I cut my sound files and use volume changes and panning, but never any effects. The goal is to provide a work that is artistically interesting while creating an authentic portrait of a place. I am preserving something that might be gone sooner than we expect. (Will there be drones flying through my recordings in the future? Will the trams be less characteristic once replaced with more current models? What will transportation sound like twenty years from now?)”

New Media Projects:
No 3, Arabi 3 St., Kheradmand Shomali St.,
Karimkhan St., Tehran – Iran
Tel: 88829253 – 86071640