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New Media Society publishes readers for various research projects, as well as its educational programs and catalogs for projects it participates as partner.

New Media has a small graphic design Atelier which provide editorial design, Translation and photography services for affordable prices and it tends to support related projects besides covering the routine costs of the collective. Please contact us for more information here.

New Media Society publication is supported by by Prince Claus Fund from The Netherlands in 2014-2015.

New Media Society works together collaboratively with Contemporary Art Publication, as printing partner and so far printed these catalogs

  • Strangeness of Banality and other Stories…
    project realized in Supermarket 2015, Stockholm’s Independent Art Fair
  • “we Rather Look Back at Futures past”
    Project realized in collaboration with Polish Embassy Tehran and Lajevardi Collection.
  • Re-sonic Re-view
    Project realized at Aaran Art Gallery as a part of 5th of Limited Access Festival