All Other Passports

New Media Society in collaboration with Parkingallery Projects presents
All Other Passports

The Last Day; 80X100 cm- C-print (5)
The Last Daty by Behnam Sadighi

The exhibition brings together artists living in various locations on the globe from Los Angeles to Isfahan and from Milan to Berlin.
Platforms Project @ Art Athina
Booth: P 35
Faliron Pavilion, Athens, Greece
Athens 26-29 May, 2016

When one arrives at the international airport in Iran, a sign divides “Foreign” from “Iranian” and this simple binary categorization leads to two lines where one waits for passport control. We borrowed our working title – All Other Passports- from a common sign that one sees upon arrival to most European countries.
One can question what has happened to the birthplace of democracy and the western civilization. Is this situation
more about what we “don’t” know, rather than what we actually know or allowed to speak about? Observing other countries and their layered contexts from afar and especially through mainstream/corporate media has shaped most of our imaginary perception.
We can hardly participate in a conversation which we are not invited to engage with, as if we have been doomed to be observed. We are allowed to comment only on the domains that are reduced to geographical and regional boundaries of where we come from. Can we imagine the segregation caused by the
logo/color of our passport and the value system it creates to fade or shift shape by bottom up/ grass root movements of
people? Can we look at various modes of fleeing/migrating/traveling and nomad activities as a form of resistance against suppressing systems, despite where their
location, in the heart of Western Europe, or the Middle East?
What is considered “Foreign” lands? What does foreign affairs mean in an interconnected and complex on Mobility of Knowledge and People context of Europe today?

The project features a publication by New Media Society
Published by Contemporary Art Publication and designed by Amir Moghtada Studio.With contributions by
Monireh Askari – Tara Kaboli / Shervin Fekri – Gelare Khoshgozaran – Saman Khosravi – Jovana Komnenić –
Behnam Sadighi – Sona Safaei Sooreh – Bahar Samadi & Marko Stamenković

Curator Amirali Ghasemi
Associate curator Neda Mohamadi

Special thanks to
Roya Pourvakil
Ehsan Lajevardi
Sajedeh Elhami
Grace Maral Burnet
Taraneh Hemami
Alexandros Georgiou
Eleni Kotsoni
Giannis Delagrammatikas
Farokh Falsafi
Tina Kadkhodaian
Amir Moghtada