Inaccessible Present [Tense] 4.0

Curated by: Amirali Ghasemi, Parking Video Library

History and Timeline:

The previous editions of “Invisible Present (Tense)” were ongoing screening programs selected from the Parking Video Library. Several variations of the program toured in Canada, United States & Brazil in 2011 and 2012. In 2013, it became part of the “Focus Iran” program at both the Rotterdam and Göteborg Film Festivals.

The 2nd edition was shown in the screening programs at Potsdam, Germany, and Eindhoven, Netherlands. The Invisible Present Tense 3.0 was curated and run as a one-day screening event for the “Yard Video Festival” at Ag Galerie and intends to broaden the scope of moving images to go beyond the geographical borders. The program highlights how the different disciplines might meet together. The program might be outlined through keywords like landscape, the mundane, the yearning, and the medium of photography itself.

About the Program:

The seemingly irreversible changes which have occurred since the emergence of the pandemic also manifest themselves via dramatic transformations in a highly polarized and stigmatized ONLINE version of the world being fed to each & every one of the “former” world citizens, web wanderers, and newcomers who are forces to learn/do every little aspect of life via virtual communications, while many are pushed to peripheries and darker areas and not everyone affords to stay connected. The digital divide didn’t start yesterday neither the inequalities caused by limiting access, a peculiar subversion & distortions which owe their existence to the speed & technological void on one hand and manipulation of the public mind.

[Inaccessible] Present Tense tries to shed light on a generation that is difficult to define, thus often harshly targeted internationally; a generation who seeks to present and execute their independence to experiment in significant ways, while preserving the right to be invisible.

Parking Video Library

Parking Video Library is a Tehran-based video archive initiated in 2004 by Parkingallery Projects and includes moving images and multimedia works by emerging artists from Iran and elsewhere. The series is devised and curated by Amirali Ghasemi, an independent curator based in Tehran. PVL introduced the vibrant new wave video art scene through several events, screenings, workshops, and the Limited Access Festival for Moving Images, Sound, and Performance.

Vahid Danaeifar | Amirali Mohebbinejad | Autonomotormentek | Ghazel | Arash Hanaei | Nassrin Nasser | Sadegh Majlesi | Siavash Naghshbandi | Ramin Rahimi | Rana Dehghan | Hannaneh Heydari | Yas Nik Khoshgrudi

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