a’21: Motavali 2 – Online Media Performances

Curated by: New Media Society

3 Nights of Performances, Acts, and Audiovisuals.

https://bbb.ambernetworkfestival.org/b/new-cye-qey-okw (Click here to watch)

Motavali 2 (Continuous in Persian) brings together performative positions across different disciplines: lecture performance to Multimedia Installations. Projects which are being made, being revised, or tested; while most of our interactions and urgent matters in life are happening “online”. It’s inevitable to examine these presences & absences simultaneously. While emotional & economic pressures might force us to act/react irresponsibly toward our collapsing societies & the artificial/passive togetherness. Motavali 2 is the second series of media performance nights curated by New Media Society, Tehran, which were interrupted by the pandemic in March 2020 and features artists based in Tehran, Berlin, New York and Barcelona.

Participating Artists:

Arash Fayez, Kasraa Paashaaei, Raheleh Bahrami & Mehrave Mokhtarian, Mahoor Mirshakkak, Amirali Ghasemi, Martin Shamoonpour, Forough Fami, Bahar Samadi, Ghazel


Motavali Media Performances, Feb 2020
Online / Offline program designed and supported by New Media Society
Organized by Shahab Anusha & Amirali Ghasemi
The 1st Motavali nights took place for 9 evenings between Feb 14 -25, 2020 at Vali Art Gallery with Talks, sharing research processes/documentation, and video screenings. The last days of Motavali were interrupted by the official announcement of COVID-19 cases in Iran,1 event got postponed, two ongoing projects were stopped and the last performance eventually went online via 3 live cameras.

  • https://newmediasoc.com/projects/continuous/
  • https://www.instagram.com/motavaliproject/

Day 1 

Wed Apr 7th, 2021

6-8 pm (CET) 

8:30 – 10:30 IRST

Arash Fayez

Title: Three, Rather Than Two (or One) 

Duration: 25 min (approx.)

Kasraa Paashaaei

Sound Performance

Raheleh Bahrami & Mehrave Mokhtarian

Title: PEBDAC [Problem Exists Between Desk and Chair)

Duration: 20 min

Day 2

Thu Apr 8th, 2021

6-8 pm (CET)

8:30 – 10:30 IRST

Mahoor Mirshakkak

Title: Sound Archivist’s Enigma

Duration: 45 min

Amirali Ghasemi

Title: Tehran Remixed, a “True” story

Duration: 35 min

Martin Shamoonpour

Title: Pand-e-Muzik

Duration: 25 min

Day 3 

Fri Apr 9th, 2021 

6-8 pm (CET)

8:30 – 10:30 IRST

Forough Fami

Title: Modern Talking: I’m muted!

Duration: Max 30 min

Bahar Samadi

Title: In mourning for all I have lost and (for?) All I will never have.

Duration: 30 min


Title: Untitled 9

Duration: 12 min