Book Review Session: Archive & Photography

"Archive and Photography"

In an online panel with Arash Dehghani, Golara Jahanian, and Nasrin Talebi Sarvari

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Hour: 7:30 PM 

Link to join the zoom session:

The following collection tries to reflect on the archiving system and try to find these resonances and buried salvations. Although the texts in this volume follow different methodologies and come from different intellectual traditions and sometimes challenge each other’s perception of the archive, they pass the same crossroad: they want to change the way we think about the archive as an inevitable historical past. They are positivists. Archives are important to these critics (and also artists) not because they are “past” but because they are intertwined with the present and the past. Indeed, what Positivist Formulations on Archives and positivist historiography pose to us as natural history is re-examined here. (from introduction section by Arash Dehghani)

New Media Society will host a meeting on Saturday, March 6, about the book “Archive and Photography” (Collected Articles September 2020).

This meeting will focus on the views of the authors of the book (in three parts) theorists such as Peter Osborne, Ariella Azoulay, John Tagg, etc., on exploring the archival mechanism, the junctions formed between photography and archive, the convergences of imperialism and photography and Archival Trend in Contemporary Art.

The meeting will be hosted by Bahar Ahmadifard ( from New Media Society and one of the translators of the book.)

“Archive and Photography” Pdf is available on the Akskhaneh website: