Game as Participatory Art

Online Presentation by Shaghayegh Kamyar

Tuesday May 4th, 2021
Time: 6:30 Tehran Time

Link to zoom meeting

In this session, Shaghayegh Kamyar will present excerpts from her master’s thesis entitled “Game as a Participatory Art”. In this paper, she had considered the game as a medium with potential possibilities for artistic expression. Albeit these possibilities have been addressed in the modernist approaches toward the Arts since the beginning of the twentieth century. There were also various artists and movements that, intending to redefine art in the form of social/critical act, and relying on the relations of “game” and “art”, emphasized the active participation of the audience in the process of creating and presenting works of art.

In recent decades, we have witnessed notable art projects in the contemporary art scene of Iran, with the concern of audience participation that were based on the game-related aspects. In this presentation, Shaghayegh Kamyar, following the keywords of participatory art, will address the traces of the game in contemporary art history.


The session is hosted on Zoom and will be recorded for future access.

Online presentation by Shaghayegh Kamyar

Shaghayegh Kamyar, born in 1986,  completed her Bachelor of Arts in Photography and Scenography from Azad University and graduated with her Master degree in Research in Arts (MA), on Game in Contemporary arts with an emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches. As an artist, her focus is on human relations especially issues like war, conflict, and identity. Her experience has often led her to use a variety of mediums like game design and participatory arts. She has the experience of collaborating with a number of artist-run initiatives in Iran including Foad Photography Festival as a general manager for three editions and since 2015 she joined the New Media Society as a member of the curatorial team. She lives and works in Tehran.