Kaveh Mehrabani | Films, Texts, Paintings, Map, Photographs & Objects

Kaveh Mehrabani | Films, Texts, Paintings, Map, Photographs & Objects
New Media Projects
Feb 19-21, 2018 | 4-8:30 pm

New Media Society invites you to a 3-day open studio by Kaveh Mehrabani, architect and archivist.
The program includes two films by Mehrabani: “Black and White” and “Boulevard”. The 80-minute-long film Black and White, which were previously screened with other titles like Tehran: Modernism from the Past and Tehran Kaleidoscopic, on the contrary of how it looks like, is not a documentary film about Tehran’s modern architecture, as it has an abstract look at it, using it as work material. By covering many buildings and their architectural details which are not there anymore (like Mayak Cinema which has demolished recently), it includes valuable documentation gathered in the span over five years, causally without specific plans from anything which would seem interesting from the time of Tehran’s modern architecture.

Boulevard is a seven-minute film which uses the location of [Keshavarz] Boulevard, at its current state using the night calm.

The project is curated by Ali Ghoroghi in collaboration with New Media Society.