Moving Dust in Istanbul: Online Screening Program, Talk And Q&A

Parallel Program to Sand Storm Project at Depo – Istanbul Oct 13, 2020 – 06:30 (GMT+3) Time in İstanbul – 07:00 (GMT +3:30) Time in Tehran, Iran The Moving Dust program is going to be shown (online via New Media Society’s website) as a parallel program to the exhibition project Sand Storm at Depo, curated by Sarah Maske. Amirali Ghasemi, Curator and Artist, after a brief presentation about the Dustopedia project and Moving Dust video program will be joined by Sarah Maske, the curator of Sandstorm – And Then There Was Dust, to discuss the program followed by a Q&A. Films in the Moving Dust program, selected by Ghasemi for Dustopedia, are available at the New Media Society website and can be watched prior to the talk. Dustopedia is an encyclopedia with the capability for change, or the possibility of adding new entries; archival/live entries of text, image, and film, toward various domains from scientific and ecological perspectives to abstract philosophical matters surrounding dust. In association with the concept of dust, this project tries to explore fundamental questions: what do we know about dust? Is it only floating/sitting matter or there are other layers/readings to this phenomenon? Are we cursed to dust up constantly, or fribble away in comfort? What if we accept it as a condition/space which can initiate change? How the relationship, between the center and the periphery, would be redrawn in accordance with the dust density and/or its inconsistency? How does it make reference to death, decay, and dissolving as the remanence of the pre-existing object? How does its ever-changing composition bring up coercion and exigency?
About the program
Moving Dust, as a chapter of the larger project of Dustopedia, brings together a series of videos from the Parking Video Library revolving around the representation of dust in moving images in the works of artists and filmmakers. Moving Dust has been shown in various cities in Iran and as well as Obieg magazine in Poland and now it is going to Istanbul. Moving Dust features works by Anahita Hekmat, Arash Khosronejad, Arash Fesharaki, Saman Khosravi, Nazgol Emami, Ali Momeni, Minou Iranpour, Amirali Mohebbinejad, Aria Farajnejad, Jaleh Nesari, Tessa Knapp. The talk will be online and held in English. Please register via the link below: