New Media Talk Series # 12 | Aftab Darvishi


New Media Society in collaboration with Lajevardi Collection presents:

New Media Talk Serie #12 | Aftab Darvishi

Between the Sound and the Shadow

In the 12th session of New Media Talk Series we have the chance to sit with Aftab Darvishi. She will talk about film music and her experiences in the field and her journey to contemporary music. We will hear the audio pieces she has created for film, performances and contemporary dance. The 2nd part of the session will be focus on her new projects realized with in collaboration with artists from other media. Tahmineh Monzavi, photographer and video maker will join Aftab for this part of the presentation and the Q&A.
Aftab Darvishi was born in Tehran Iran in 1987. Her first serious musical contact was with the Violin, where she started taking lessons at the age of 5. As she grew older she got in touch with more instruments like
Kamancheh, Setar and more specific with Piano.
At the age of 19, she enrolled at the University of Tehran to study Music. Upon her graduation, She began to collaborate in many projects with the theater faculty of the University and also with other artists combining her music with other media, such as animations, theater plays, short films, etc.
In 2010 she moved to Holland. She continued her education in composition in Royal Conservatory of Den
Haag and gained her Master degree from Conservatory of Amsterdam in composing for film under supervision of Jurre Haanstra.
Aftab composes music for various mediums and contexts, from concert music to film music, theater music, and so on. Creating unusual combinations of vocals and mixing the different musical cultures has been and still is her inspiration in her musical journey. She has presented her music in various festivals in Europe and Asia, working with various European well known ensembles such as Orkest De Ereprijs, Riccioti ensemble, Oerknal ensemble, Royal Ensemble, etc. She has participated at 2 0th Young Composers Meeting – Apeldoorn, Netherlands (2014), Holland Festival (2015) and have been selected to participate at Paphos 2017 (as the European capital of Culture). She has also attended various artistic residencies such AiEP Contemporary Dance Company (Milan), Kinitiras studio (Athens), Akropoditi Dance center (Syros). In 2015, she won the music education award from Listhus artistic residency to hold workshops for music teachers at Music school of Fjallabyggd in Iceland.

Where: Lajevardi Collection
No.20, Sepand Street, Nejatollahi Street,
Karimkhan zand Street, Tehran.
Tel: +9821 88921745

When : Monday August 17, 2015 – 7 pm