New Media Talk Series # 13 | Sohrab Motabar, Sina Shoaie & Arman Moghadam



New Media Society in collaboration with Lajevardi Collection presents:

New Media Sound Session # 13 | Sohrab Motabar, Sina Shoaie & Arman Moghadam

Recursive “-” Deform

At the end of the New Media Society’s Summer of Sound program which is dedicated to practices around sound, Sohrab Motabar, Sina Shoaei and Arman Moghadam will perform a 50 minute long audiovisual set. Recursive “-” Deform at Lajevardi Collection for the New Media Sound session No. 13.

Sohrab Motabar (1984 – Tehran) He started his carrier by playing Electric Guitar and Bass in iranian local rock bands. In 2002 he entered Tehran conservatory to study jazz guitar, but in third year he found his interest in composition. Gradually he got interested in western contemporary music and electronic music, following his passion he went to Netherlands to study once again. During this time he start to explore the world of computer music specifically. During this time his works mostly deal with mathematical concepts and digital sound synthesis methods both is fixed-media compositions and live performances. He graduated from Royal Conservatory of the Hague at 2014 and currently studying at Institute of Sonology in master program. He recently had many performances in Tehran such as in Tadaex and

Sina Shoaie (b.1986 Tehran) started learning music from 1996 on flute. He then moved to Ukraine for six years and graduated from Kiev University of Technology and Design (KNUTD) in the field of urban furniture design with a bachelor degree, he also have a diploma on Sound Design from the same university.

From year 2008 onward, he has started an ongoing research with the topic of “Analysis of relation between frequencies and biochemistry of human body”. He have also participated in series of workshops, conferences, performances with other artists in this field most notably: Workshop on architecture and frequency in National University of Kief in Annual art show of Ukraine(2009), Urban design and frequency in Ekbatan Municipality center (2011 Tehran), TADAEX 02 Frequency Workshop(2012), Performances in Saroseda collective (2012 Mohsen Gallery), Limited access festival (2013 Aran projects) and a  Lecture on Reshape #3 (2015).

Arman Moghaddam (b.1983) Tehran he have started his professional career in 2010 as a web-designer and code developer. From year 2012 he entered the field of interactive art as a visual-code developer collaborating in interactive audio-visual performances. His researches varies from manifests of digital interactive in different context from sound to theater and production of commercial and artistic applications.

When : Thursday August 20, 2015 – 7:30 pm

Where: Lajevardi Collection
No.20, Sepand Street, Nejatollahi Street,
Karimkhan zand Street, Tehran.
Tel: +9821 88921745

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