New Media Talk Series # 14 | Esperanza Collado

“Things said once”
Esperanza Collado | Performance – Lecture plus Q&A
Lajevardi Foundation
Thursday Sep. 24, 2015
6-8 pm

Esperanza Collado (Valencia 1976) is an artist-researcher based in Spain. Her research focuses on the relationships between visual arts, performing arts and cinema, and is rooted in a historical understanding of the dematerialization of the art object in the context of avant-garde and experimental film, inquiring into issues involved in cinema’s presentation modes. Her book Paracinema: La Desmaterializacion del Cine en las Practicas Artisticas investigates cinema’s intrinsic properties and their possible expressions in non-filmic works. Her recent performance works move across sculpture, architecture, filmmaking, and choreography to explore the experience of montage, process, and presentness in the space of projection. Collado´s work has shown internationally and received several grants and awards. She has curated exhibitions and film programmes in Ireland, the UK, and Spain. She is a co-founder of Experimental Film Club in Dublin, and of LEVE, an artistic association that releases annually site-specific field-recordings with invited artists.

Collado will be staying at Kooshk Residency for 2 weeks and will speak at Lajevardi Foundation about Expanded Cinema in her Lecture Performance “Things Said Once” on Thursday Sep. 24, 2015 at 6 pm. She will perform “Exterior, Night” from Operation Rewrite – her joint project with Maximilian Le Cain – for 30 min on Friday 25 Sep. 2015 at 7 pm. The talk will be in English with Persian translation.