New Media Talk Series #17 | Sam Samiee

New Media Society and Lajevardi Foundation present
New Media Talk Serie #17 | Sam Samiee
Visual Ethics, Forgotten points in pedagogy of painting
Sunday, Dec 27, 2015 – 6 pm

The pedagogy of painting in Iran is directly under the influence of both the European painting tradition as well as modern and contemporary art pedagogy. On the other hand The Iranian art scene and the Iranian subject are entangled in a rather invisible matrix of public and private relationships to Persian literature and poetry. The public imagination of the Iranian artist and her audience, about the location of painting (both actual and virtual) is connected to western art and Persian literature, two separate streams which do not necessarily overlap all the time. There is also a local history of painting in Iran which constitute another climate with which Iranian artists, according to their desired proximity, can fathom a relationship. To Imagine another space which doesn’t enslave neither to the Persian literature nor to the post-Dada crisis of contemporary art, one needs to first observe these climates and asses their mutual interdependencies. In my presentation, I would assume a history for literature in Iran under the title of ‘Adab’ and a history of metaphysics in Europe using the European painting history as its material substrate. Then I will introduce the notion of an image called the ‘visual ethics’, expanding on the potentials that are omitted from the pedagogy of painting that are also not realized in the other available mediums.

Sam Samiee is a painter and an essayist from Tehran living in Amsterdam. He has studied at University of Art in Tehran and has finished his BA in Painting in Enschede, the Netherlands. He recently has finished a two years residency program at Rijksakademie, Amsterdam. He has showed his paintings in Exhibitions such as the ‘Sensory War’ at Manchester Art Gallery, and RijksakademieOpen 2015 and curating a show at W139, Amsterdam. His main focus is on two practices of painting and research in history of philosophy, Persian Literature, the history of painting and psychoanalysis.