New Media Talk Series #25 | Meta Marina Beeck

New Media Talk Series #25
Meta Marina Beeck
Thurdsay, May 5, 2016
6:30 pm
New Media Projects

Sven Johne, Jutta, 2014 (Still); Courtesy Galerie KLEMM’S, Berlin
Sven Johne, Jutta, 2014 (Still); Courtesy Galerie KLEMM’S, Berlin

Meta Marina Beeck is representative of Kunsthalle Bielefeld (built in 1968 in Bielefeld, Germany). The exhibition space is specialized in 20th and 21st century art and was a gift of Rudolf August Oetker to the city. It was Oetker’s grandfather, August Oetker, who invented the popular baking powder, which lead to a success story and was the very beginning of the food company Dr. Oetker. Therefore also the foundation of Kunsthalle Bielefeld has a very unique history.
Another part of the lecture by Meta Marina Beeck will focus on and introduce the Kunsthalle’s previous year’s video program; including works by Sven Johne (b. 1976, GER), Samira Eskandarfar (b. 1980, IRAN) and more.

Meta Marina Beeck (b. 1984, Bremen) is a Berlin-based art historian and curator. She studied Art History and New German Literature at the Humboldt University of Berlin (2007-2014) and Chinese language at Peking University, China (2011-2013). 2014 Meta Marina Beeck graduated with her master thesis titled “Notation as a visual form of thought – John Cage, Allan Kaprow and Trisha Brown”.
During the studies she worked as a freelance curator and realized various solo and group exhibitions in Bremen and Berlin. Since 2015 Meta Marina Beeck is working at Kunsthalle Bielefeld as assistant curator to Dr. Friedrich Meschede.
In her research and exhibition practice Meta Marina Beeck focuses on new media and video art.

Exhibitions (selection):
2016: Martin Disler – Bilder vom Maler, Kunsthalle Bielefeld / 2015: Whatness, Kunsthalle Bielefeld / 2014: (CC)TV. Gallery Herold, Bremen / 2013: BEAUTIFUL MINDS. Kleine Humboldt Gallery, Berlin on the occasion of Berlin Art Week 2013 / 2013: AUFWACHEN ! BESSER MACHEN !. Kleine Humboldt Gallery, Berlin.