New Media Talk Series #55 | Sabine Kelka

New Media Talk Series #55 | Sabine Kelka
23 April, 2018 – 6 pm
New Media Projects

Sabine Kelka works in the field of exhibition design and scenography, with focus on the graphic and space design. She collaborates with different designers, artists and manufacturers in order to realize exhibitions and cultural projects.

After graduating in communication design in the Netherlands in 2012 she worked in a serigraphy textile print studio and gallery in Berlin. Her following master studies in Berlin brought the specialization of spatial design. In 2017 she produced an exhibition with electronic music instruments. Her final thesis examined the possibilities of exposing music with visual and physical elements. Recently Sabine is working in a studio for 3D objects and architecture mockups, producing objects and models on scale. She is interested in the intersection between the planning and production of physical objects and art installations.

In her presentation, she is talking about the aspects of producing exhibitions in museums and the possibilities and responsibilities of a designer. Besides general introduction, she presents the different stages of the production and experts involved based on some examples of exhibitions she worked on.

No. 3, Araabi 3 Alley, North Kheradmand St. Karimkhan Ave. Tehran