New Media Talk Series No. 51 | Yasi Alipour

New Media Talk Series No. 51 | Yasi Alipour
Tuesday, Jan 9, 2018 – 6pm
New Media Projects – Tehran

Yasi Alipour is an Iranian artist/curator/writer based in New York, currently pursuing her MFA at Columbia University. Holding dear the oddity of her homeland, she currently is thinking back at history, as memories mixed with nostalgia and trauma; and marvels on the future, made through, despite, and beyond institutes. She ends her days wondering about the politics and possibilities of despair. Her performance and installations has appeared in Art in Odd Places, P.P.O.W., Wallach Art Gallery, Flat Iron Project Space, Miami Pulse Art, ATP, A.Pop, The Greenpoint Gallery, to name a few. She has written extensively for the Brooklyn Rail, Photograph Magazine, The Dear Dave, and Arte East. Her latest curatorial project was realized at the LeRoy Neiman Gallery.

In this talk, Yasi Alipour will explore what space—within the global art-world—that artists falling beyond the hegemonic discourses occupy. To open this discussion, Alipour will present her recent interdisciplinary and collaborative projects and marvel on the role of the artist as facilitator—of opportunities and platforms—for the community.

New Media Projects: No. 3, Arabi 3 Alley, N Kheradmand St, Karimkhan Ave. Tehran

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