Open Cycle | Videos by Alireza Rofougaran

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Open Cycle | Videos by Alireza Rofougaran

New Media Projects

Friday, Nov 23, 2017, 4-9 pm
Thursday, Nov 30, 2017. 3-7 pm

New Media Projects invites you to the open studio by Alireza Rofougaran. In open Cycle, he will shared some of his video works related to the city.

Rofougaran writes:
“In a certain time it starts from hearing, it repeats and then you can notice it’s existence; Then you hope to see it, but it isn’t possible every day, You tend to see it every day at the same time in a safe way that doesn’t spoil the repetition. you can have a presence outside of it, safe from being inside. This is a new chance to reach a more subjective knowledge. this repetitive cycle of knowing still continues. the overlapping repetition of the similar, crosses the border, with a little surface to let new examples.”