Production of Place in the Works of Abu Turab Khosravi

Poetica Project in collaboration with New Media Society:

Online Lecture by Khalil Dermanaki

Date: Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Hours: 6 to 8 p.m.

In this online lecture, Khalil Dermanki, who has previously written several articles and essays on the works of Aboutorab Khosravi, addressed the issue of producing a fictional space focusing on the works of Abu Torab Khosravi. Amir Hossein Khorshidfar hosted this meeting.

About Abu-torab Khosravi:

Abu-turab Khosravi (21 March 1956, Shiraz, Iran) has obtained a special place among the third generation of Iranian fiction writers through writing a collection of stories under the title of Havieh and Divan-e-Soomanat and two novels titled Asfar-e-Kateban and Rood-e-Ravi.

He is one of the distinguished authors in the field of postmodern fiction that his works contain characteristics of modernist and postmodernist and “court of Somen (divan-e-Soomenat)” is known the best fiction work of this author, in the field of stenography.

khalil Dermanaki

About Khalil Dermanaki:

Khalil Darmanki, prominent literary critic, has been continuously collaborating with literary magazines since 1998 and has judged several important literary awards.