Semi Dark Room

New Media Society in collaboration with Experimental Film Society presents

Déchirement | Bahar Samadi | Photo Installation
Déchirement | Bahar Samadi | Photo Installation | Dimension Variable | 2015پاره شدگی | چیدمان عکس | بهار صمدی

Luminous Void: Semi Dark Room

Aaran Projects

Last-Phase | Atoosa Pour Hosseini | Installation
فاز آخر | آتوسا پور حسینی | Last Phase | Atoosa Pour Hosseini | Video Installation | چیدمان ویدیو

Semi- Dark Room is a group installation & performances taking place at Aaran projects in the last days of September. The exhibition includes the installation experiences in the field of «Expanded Cinema», «Performance Art» and «Moving images installations» by the artists.
In «Semi-Dark Room» a limited source of light partially lightens the room. Light passes through series of intervening filters that sometimes depict images and at other times contain memories. In the meantime the devised machinery are important passages that regardless of their obvious logic, operate and implement changes and alterations that are for and against perception.

Semi Dark Room is part of the project “The Luminous Void”, other programs of this project will be on view at Lajevardi Collection and Darbast Platform. For More info and data please visit website of “New Media Society”:

Inherited-coincidence | Navid Salajegheh
تلاقی موروثی | Inherited Coincidence | نوید سلاجقه | Navid Salajegheh

Bahar Samadi (b.1981, Tehran)is a Tehran Paris experimental film maker.
She studied architecture in Azad University of Art and Architecture in Tehran, Iran (2006) and graduated in Filmmaking from EICAR university of Paris, France (2012).

Navid Salajegheh (b. 1981, Tehran) is a Paris based architect, urban designer and visual artist. He received his MA in Architecture from Azad Art and Architecture university of Tehran and graduated in “Architecture: city and urban project” from L’ecole nationale d’Architecture de Marseille, Marseille/France. Together with Bahar Samadi they have started Studio 51.

Atoosa Pour Hosseini (b. Tehran 1981) is an artist based in Dublin/ Ireland. She holds a
MA in Fine Art Media from National College of Art and Design, Dublin (2014), as well as BA
in Fine Art Painting at Azad University of Art and Architecture, Tehran (2007).

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