Tehrasfahan, sound installation by Leonie Roessler

Tuesday Jan 17, 2017
5-9 pm

Tehrsfahan is a fixed media composition consisting of three parts: Isfahan, Tehrsfahan, and Tehran. Leonie recorded all the material used during her residency at New Media Society, where she spent two weeks as a guest artist/performer/teacher during the Limited Access Festival 6 in February of 2016.
Isfahan and Tehran are made of field recordings of the respective cities and include layers of longer tracks combined with small rhythmic motives assembled from different scenes. Tehrsfahan ties these two movements together. It is a puzzle which only uses the short motives of the other two pieces. At first, they appear quickly one after another in succession. They have slowly pulled apart as this middle movement progresses, revealing their identity not only as parts of a compound structure but as fragments with a valid identity of their own.
The composition serves both as a piece of art and as a document of a certain moment in time. Just as the world is ever changing, so are the sounds around us.
Tehrsfahan captures the sonic landscape of various locations in Isfahan and Tehran as it sounded in the beginning of 2016.

Poster designed by Amir Moghtada