New Media Society’s Project room is located in downtown Tehran, which includes the office, archive and library, screening room, workshop space and study room equipped with WIFI and as well as residency space.

New Media Projects
New Media Projects is located in downtown Tehran acts as a meeting point for artists, researchers, professionals and enthusiasts who encourage this approach. It provides research and study room with facilities such as Wi-Fi connected working space, library on Media arts, international and Iranian books, catalogs and journals. It is also the home of Iranian Media Art Archive, a project combining few existing video,sound and film archives in the country, by re-indexing and re-organizing the archives, making it presentable to a wider public. These collectives is presented by curating various programs and open studios. The next phase of the project includes making it available as an online index on our website in addition to an offline library accessible on our viewing station in Tehran and partner project spaces.

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New Media Projects:
No 3, Arabi 3 St., Kheradmand Shomali St.,
Karimkhan St., Tehran – Iran
Tel: 88829253 – 86071640