An Installation

Duration:One Week
Curated by:Studio 51, Navid Naderi, Pooyan Hashemi Tari
Hosted by:New Media Projects

“The current project is a video installation in the making of which four individuals have differently intervened. three of these videos which have been produced during the last year are displayed separately in three distinct spaces. A different video installation made with various material including footages and texts is to be set up in New Media projects’ main area for a week in February 2019. The work is the result of an unplanned process: when interacting in front of the camera, and also when installing the videos, we collectively intervene in the material at hand. The nature of such interactions and the forms which they give rise to depend on the context of the situation, the available material, and the ways in which they may be collectively manipulated. The forms that result from such processes are changing, precarious, and ephemeral. The videos do not have a common theme. Rather, their relation is to be sought in a moving form which appears in the field of forces collectively exerted on the material.”