New Media society’s workshop series started with 2 workshops in Dec 2014, at Limited Access 5, Festival for moving image, sound & performance:

Physical Theater Workshop led by Laleh Alavi (Theater Director), Peter Pirhosseinlou (Musician) & Niloufar Mehrad (Visual Artist) – Darbast Platform

The strangeness of banality Documentary workshop by Behzad Khosravi Nouri,
Two-day screenings, Panel discussion & Q&A with Pirooz Kalantari & Robert Safarian – Aaran Art Gallery

led Amirali Ghasemi & Zarvan Rouhbakhshan
Wandering in the city, an interdisciplinary workshop led by Pegah Tabasinejad,
City walks, group discussion, guest panel, and final presentation at Aaran Art Gallery
Creative coding (Processing) a 3-day workshop with Sohrab Motabar

Limited Access 6 | Workshops

Radio Production Workshop with Ulrike Ertel (Berlin)/SISIFM – Tehran
Field recording workshop by Leonie Roessler and Sohrab Motabar (Den Haag) – Isfahan & Tehran

Portfolio Viewing for young artists with curators Alessandra Pace (Berlin) & Paula Tognon (Bergamo)
Exploration of every day, Photography Workshop led by Wolfram Hahn
A Theoretical/Analytical survey on experimental cinema, 2-day Workshop & screening by Pouria Jahanshad
Portfolio viewing with Michel Muller (UdK Berlin) & class
Defensive Preparation with Amirali Ghasemi – New Media Society

Creative Coding – Sohrab Motabar
Wandering Though The City
Explorationsof Everyday – Wolfram Hahn