Led by:

Amirali Ghasemi (Independent Curator | Artistic Director/ Founder of Parkingallery Projects)

7 Two-hour Online Sessions



The workshop will be moving in two parallel channels: 

The first channel is called “Video Portfolio.” You have perhaps worked with various media in your projects. As professional artists, you must have somehow faced the difficulty of archiving your works and keeping track of your projects.

Regardless of whether you have worked with video/moving images as a medium or not; we will investigate how you have been experiencing moving images in your art projects and explore your portfolios or personal background. 

In the workshop, we will try to track the related traces, make a selection, and redefine your current approach toward moving images, time-based media, or expanded media installations. 

Are we working in the same way as before? How can we imagine alternative ways and configurations to translate our existing projects into other contexts and spaces?

What will happen if we stop producing “new” images, and instead search the storage boxes, dark corners of the hard drives, and our online footprints to recover, recycle, and re-articulate the saved /distorted/missing imaginaries? 

By doing so, what sort of subjects, policies, and contexts will come up? Will we share a part of it with others? Will we put it forward in our discussions?  

The second channel is titled “Video without Magazine.” we will rehearse some experiments to better perceive the moving images in the media, the space of the spectacle, and the integrative apparatuses. 

Collectively, we will look for stored/borrowed/shared tools/devices that we haven’t necessarily tried before, but we have found access to them via this workshop. Or we know they had once existed through the traces, fragments, and footages.

The workshop consists of experiments, screenings, and talks with guests. It will be followed by a group presentation that will be either an in-person event or an online event dependent on the Cpvid-19 pandemic conditions. 

The final presentation aims to develop an interdisciplinary and collective experience; with the contributions from participants in the visual arts, performance, literary and sound art. Accordingly, the proper context for defining the possible works which are going to get done during the workshop might range from merely visual ones to participatory or social/documentary projects.