Limited Access

We have been collaborating on artistic and curatorial levels occasionally since 2011:
Some of our projects includes Invisible Present Tense (Brazil, United States, Netherlands,Sweden, China) Control Tower, Limited Access 4, Parking Video Library.
Limited Access, International Festival of moving images, sound and performance was founded by Parkingallery projects in early 2007 and just celebrates its 7th edition and 10th anniversary in April 2017. The Tehran based Festival, naturally evolved from Parkingallery’s Video Archive: an ongoing project which documents the diverse and fragmented Iranian new media art scene both in Iran and abroad since 2004. Limited Access collaborates with individuals, collectives and archival projects across the globe. Formerly, it teamed up with Reloading Images (Berlin), SCCA (Ljubljana), Townhouse Gallery (Cairo) and Studio Strike (London). Limited Access refers to the fragmented structure of the New Media art scene in Iran, and endeavors to be a platform for assembly, international exchange and screening of rarely seen art works in the field of Moving Images (Video, Documentary, shot film, animation, and independent Cinema), sound art and performance. Recently, it has partnered with the NEW MEDIA SOCIETY which is a Tehran based Archival initiative to collect, record and research with focus on new media. Limited Access since 2007 have featured many prominent and upcoming artists from Iran and the world. The festival invites guest curators and collaborates with various institutions and archives in Berlin, Stockholm, Helsinki, Cairo, Ljubljana, Paris, Toronto, San Francisco, Vienna, Montreal, Brussels, The Hague & Dublin in the past years to fulfill its mission to reduce the gap between various field and promote interdisciplinary practices The Festival has had the pleasure of working with various guest curators, to name a few: Miha Colner & Ida Hirsenfelder (SCCA – Ljubljana), Sarah Rifkey (Townhouse Gallery Cairo), Rozita Sharafjahan (Azad Gallery – Tehran), Bita Razavi (Helsinki) Shirin Sabahi (Stockholm/Berlin), Anahita Hekmat (Paris), Sona Safaei Sooreh (Toronto), Ryan b Willie (San Francisco – free form film festival),Tala Vahabzadeh, Behzad Khosravi, marlies poeschl, nathalie koger, morehshin allahyari,myriam vanneschi, nima bahrehmand, rouzbeh rashidi, sarvenaz mostofey, sanaz-mazinani, marc-meyer, alessandra pace, katayoun dibamehr,audrey brouxel, karine boulanger, Pourya Jahanshad, Rambod Vala, Dafne Narvaez, Sohrab Kashani, Magdalena Ziolkowska, Pooya Abbasian