Sina Shoaie


Sina Shoaie (b.1986 Tehran) started learning music from 1996 on flute. He then moved to Ukraine for six years and graduated from Kiev University of Technology and Design (KNUTD) in the field of urban furniture design with a bachelor degree, he also have a diploma on Sound Design from the same university.

From year 2008 onward, he has started an ongoing research with the topic of “Analysis of relation between frequencies and biochemistry of human body”. He have also participated in series of workshops, conferences, performances with other artists in this field most notably: Workshop on architecture and frequency in National University of Kief in Annual art show of Ukraine(2009), Urban design and frequency in Ekbatan Municipality center (2011 Tehran), TADAEX 02 Frequency Workshop(2012), Performances in Saroseda collective (2012 Mohsen Gallery), Limited access festival (2013 Aran projects) and a  Lecture on Reshape #3 (20