Vedad FamourZadeh

Vedad Famourzadeh

Veddad Famourzadeh,is qualified vibro-acoustic engineer from Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (IRCAM) and Sharif University of Technology, and also former PhD candidate at the UTS:Communication. As sound artist, he is exploring the integration of sound art and electronic music with different soundscapes and diverse musical traditions of Iran. He is focused on rekindling intrigue for the details that define a place, on listening closely to minutiae of everyday sonic life in an urban world of crowded noises. He is especially interested in human-computer interaction between compositional algorithms generating a polyphonic textural ambient sound and choreographed improvisation of ethnic players. This tension of a hybrid identity, re-contextualizing sonic materials from their native tradition to a modernistic setting is at focus of his pieces and tries to bring forth an immediate experience through which the audience re-examine their conception of music as well as their sonic environment. He believes one should immerse oneself in the social field, live with the people to be able to access the core of their culture.

  • – Guest performer at Limited Access V