Farzad Azimbeik


Poet and Visual artist

Farzad Azimbeik is a Tehran based poet, visual artist and writer.

He is studying at Kashan University of Arts in Carpet Design major since 2010. He had started his artistic career since 2009 as a photographer and he joined Patil Magazine and Collective in Kashan. Patil Collective has held various events such as artist talks, workshops and exhibitions in Kashan and other cities around Iran.

He had shown his works in a number of group exhibitions and projects like public art project Destination known – Kashan (2012), and exhibitions such asTeleography (2011) at White Box Gallery, Oregon, USA and  A4 envelope: Un-named (2014) at Haftsamar Gallery – Tehran.
His latest collaboration Torn performance with Izabela Chamczyk was realized in Feb 2015 at a residency program at SCC Gallery-Isfahan.

Azimbeik’s practice stretches from visual art to performance art and writing, and in his body of works he incorporates a wide range of Medias from Text to Photography and Mail Art which sometimes includes patterns and traditional forms as a departure point.