Aida Khorsandi

Aida Khorsandi

Aida Khorsandi




  • Music Performance: BA, Art University, Tehran
  • Children Music Instruction: Certificate, Pars Music Institute, Tehran
  • Music Psychology Training: Master of Arts, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
  • Social Psychology: Statement of Accomplishment, University of Wesleyan/Coursera

Musical Activities:

  • Classical Piano Performance 1993-2009
  • Singer at Pars Children Choir 1992-1996
  • Freelance Jazz pianist and singer 2010-2012

Other Artistic non-profit Activities:

  • Contemporary Dance Courses; Installation, Automatic Writing, Automatic Movement
  • Organizational Team Member at Deep Depression 2007, Tehran
  • Organizational Team Member at Urban Jealousy 2008, Istanbul
  • Organizational Team Member at Tehran Biennial 2008, Berlin
  • Organizational Team Member at Parkingalley Events 2005-2009

Social Activities:

  • Founder Member at Hamgam NGO 2000-2002
  • Editor and Chief Editor Assistant at Hamgam NGO 2000-2002

Work Experiences:

  • Music Teacher 2005-2015
  • Executive Manager Assistant, Khane Ameri-ha Hotel Boutique 2010-2011
  • Author and Content Specialist at Bamilo and Navaak 2014-Present