Saman Khosravi

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Saman Khosravi, Born in Sanandaj in 1987 and is graduated with a BA degree in graphic design from Jahad Daneshgahi University in Bandar Anzali. He received his MA in Graphic Design from Art faculty of Azad University in Central Tehran with his thesis focused on video art in Iran. In addition to graphic design, Khosravi works with a wide range of media in his practice from photography to drawing and from animation to video. He has shown his works in two editions of “Limited Access Festival”, at Aaran Gallery in Tehran and in “Fast Reaction” a group show at Av Theater House as well as in screenings in Belgium and Netherlands.

He is a member of New Media Society which is dedicated to archiving and knowledge production about Media Arts and he is a frequent contributor of various art and culture magazine with his design works and writings.