Soheil Soheili


Soheil Soheili (b.1983) is a Tehran-based director, producer, researcher and writer; having roots in a musical family he started learning music from his father at an early age. By the turn of the new century, he started playing in a jam band and became acquainted with many musicians; now after a decade of work, beyond playing guitar and bass he is experience in both fields of studio recording and live-music sounding. As a thinker and a planner, his sonic ideas revolve around the notions of noise pollution and acoustic planning in the form of sound installations, noise reduction and algorithms for coding audiovisual performances; as a background artist and a laidback producer, he is best known for his unreleased vault and the sound design for other artists.

Holding a B.A degree on English literature from Shahid Beheshti University – with a focus on criticism – enables him to have a better historical, philosophical rendering of ‘art’ in the broad sense.

During his career, he was appointed on different jobs; his first profession was a network administrator and a web-developer while he was a student of civil engineering, the point that made him choose a multidisciplinary approach on the long run. ‘Being an independent artist, regardless of the medium one will be a part of the city art-scene’ his argument implicitly refers to the slippery border between different forms of art and to signify a close affinity in their theology. On the other hand he prioritizes directing over acting – regardless of a few cameo appearances of documentaries and a small featured film he is considered absent to the mainstream media; some portions of his video arts are exhibited in the fifth round of Limited Access Festival, he have even taken part in a number of painting exhibitions and his taste varies from Surrealist painting and Modern music to Postmodern literature and cinema.

Exhibition, performances:

  • ‘Urban Art’ – Audio performance for a group stencil exhibition (2009)
  • ‘Motivation’ Performance – East Art Gallery (2010)
  • ‘Saroseda v.2.0’ Group sound installation – Mohsen gallery (2010)
  • ‘Frequency’ lecture & performance – Manouchehri House, Kashan (2011)
  • ‘Frequency’ lecture & performance – Azad university of Shahrood (2011)
  • ‘TADAEX03’ – Brief live performance at Neurite night (2014)
  • ‘Limited Access 5’ Film Festival – Vista, Aaran & No.6 Art galleries (2014)
  • ‘Unnamed Envelope- No.3’ group painting – Haftsamar Gallery (2015)