Zarvan Rouhbakhshan


Zarvan Rouhbakhshan (b.1979, Tehran, Iran) is a curator, artist, photographer, art critic and teacher. He graduated in 2002 with a BA in graphic design from Faculty of Art, Science and Culture University, Tehran, Iran. Also He graduated in 2006 with a MA in advanced art studies from Faculty of Fine Art, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, with an emphasis on research in art history, philosophy of art and photography. He has shown his photographs and artworks in more than 20 festivals and group exhibitions internationally and he also had 6 solo exhibitions. As a curator he has been directing several exhibitions, workshops, and talks such as Veri-Realism (2010) and The Opening (2012).

He is currently working with photography, installation, book art and interactive projects, besides writing on the Tehran arts scene and contemporary Iranian art for various magazines and daily papers.