Erased Images of a Work About Historical Erasure

Previous Next An Installation by Bita Razavi Room for Doubt exhibited Bita Razavi’s installation, “Erased Images of a Work About Historical Erasure.” This presentation dealt with a part of Bita Razavi’s immersive installation which was exhibited last week at the Estonian pavilion at the Venice Biennale. This series of archival photographs depicting destroyed landscapes in […]

“Narrative Texts and Maps”

Previous Next From “1001: Collective Narrative” Workshop Exhibition:  “Narrative Texts and Maps” With contributions from:  Nahal Jafari / Shamim Taassob / Anahita Rezaei / Azadeh Zakeri / Shahab Anousha / Mobina Kastani‌khah / Amirali Ghasemi / Sarvanaz Yasari / Azadeh Behkish / Ali Ajdari Led by: Amirhossein Khorshidfar and Rojia Forouhar In Collaboration with: New […]