New Media Talk Series # 15 | Bahar Samadi & Navid Salajegheh

New Media Talk Serie # 15 | Bahar Samadi & Navid Salajegheh
Lajevardi Foundation
Monday 28 Sep. 2015
7-9 pm

For closing session of Luminous Void at Lajevardi Foundation, Bahar Samadi and Navid Salajegheh in conversation with Amirali Ghasemi talking about Semi Dark Room, their recent exhibition at Aaran Projects.

“Studio 51”
Since 2014, experimental filmmaker Bahar Samadi and architect/ visual artist Navid Salajegheh have been working together and ran Studio 51. This exhibition presents their two personal and also two collaborative projects: Ritual of Oblivion – 2015 & Non-pacific coexistence of numbers and days – 2014.

Bahar Samadi (b.1981, Tehran)is a Tehran- Paris based filmmaker. She studied architecture in Azad University of Art and Architecture in Tehran, Iran (2006) and have graduated in Filmmaking from EICAR university of Paris, France (2012).
In the course of filmmaking, she primarily reaches for found footages and what she has in her archive using structural techniques like cinematic omission and narrative form diversion to rewrite the pictorial memory. Her try to decoding the probable life of images, embarks an imaginary journey between the author and the spectator.
Her films have been shown in a number of showcases, galleries and film festivals throughout the world such as «Cork Film Festival» – New Iranian Underground in Ireland (2014), «Fronteira- International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival» in Brazil (2014), «Limerick Avant-Garde Cinema, The Royal Picture Show» in Ireland (2014), «The 10th Beijing Independent Film Festival- Cross Asian independent films» in China (2013), «42nd International Film Festival of Rotterdam (IFFR) – Invisible Present Tense» in Netherlands (2013), Chester Beatty Library in Ireland (2012) and «Thomas Erben Gallery- Iran via Video Current» in USA (2011).

Navid Salajegheh (b. 1981, Tehran) is a Paris-based architect, urbanist and visual artist. have studied MA in Architecture from Azad Art and Architecture university of Tehran and and graduated in “Architecture: city and urban project” from L’ecole nationale d’Architecture de Marseille, Marseille/France.
He began his professional practice in 2000. His approach in generating and developing the fundamental ideas of each subject he undertakes, turns his productive artistic process into a methodical one. Altogether, in the method he used in design, engineering, in a way he takes advantage of the context and borderlines around it. The core of his recent work includes complicated apparatus. By using such apparatus he tries to symbolically confronts the spectator with an eternal situation in a special time and place.
Some of his solo exhibitions: “City in Lost Scale” / Painting Exhibition and Installation in Raf Gallery, Tehran – 2013, “Exaggerations” / Painting Exhibition in No. 13 Gallery, Tehran – 2006, “Sections” / Painting Exhibition in No. 13 Gallery, Tehran – 2005, “Transparent Images” / Performance and Installation in Asiaab Gallery, Tehran – 2004