Co-led by:

Amirhossein Khorshidfar (Writer and Literary Critic)

Rojiia Forouhar (Architect, Researcher, and Educator)

18 Two-hour Online Session

Sundays and Wednesdays


Storytelling spares Scheherazade’s life. That is all? Only Scheherazade’s life? It is not a minor issue. But at the bedside of a bloodthirsty king, it should not be a purely personal matter. Scheherazade’s resistance passes through the inner veils of the royal palace and the castle shield. It resonates in the dome of history. The essential function of literature is the social re-invention of the personal.
Our movement starts from our collective connection point, the monitor screen. A network of concentric circles connects different portions, such as room, house, street, and city, to generate narratives of embracing spaces and random joints from the detection of invisible relationships.
Participants turn their personal spatial experience into a narrative in a collective process. Private spaces and cityscapes are the connecting foundations of our collective story.