The Invisible Memories of Objects

Led by Golnaz Moghaddam

4 two-hour session

First Session: Monday 8-Feb-2021

Monday 8-Feb-2021, 4-6
Friday 12-Feb-2021, 2-4
Monday 15-Feb-2021, 4-6
Friday 19-Feb-2021, 2-4


This workshop is designed to teach stop motion techniques to artists engaged in visual arts or multimedia. After presenting the primary topics about stop motion and an overview of the different types, learning how to use the “Stop Motion Studio” application is in the workshop program.
In this workshop, we will look at the stop-motion technique as a new form of artistic expression. In addition to learning technical issues, we will talk about storytelling with objects. We will explore how to use stop motion (through the artist’s imagination) in multimedia artwork.
Meanwhile, the participants create a stop-motion film; with a specific theme and through changing the function of objects and personification.