Video portfolio+

Led by Amirali Ghasemi

Duration: 12 hours, four sessions

Aug 20222

About Amirali Ghasemi

Amirali Ghasemi (b.1980, Iran) is a curator, media artist, and graphic designer based between Tehran & Berlin. He graduated in 2004 with a B.A. in graphic design from Central Tehran Azad University, emphasizing research in digital art history. In 1998, Ghasemi founded *Parkingallery*, an independent project space in Tehran, and in 2002 he set up, an online platform for young Iranian artists. Ghasemi has shown his photographs, videos, and design works internationally in various festivals and exhibitions. As a curator, he has directed many exhibitions, workshops, and talks for Parkingallery projects, such as *Deep Depression (2004-06) and Sideways (2008). He has co-curated The Urban Jealousy,1st International Roaming Biennial of Tehran (2008-09), and eight editions of Limited Access Festival for Video and Performance (2007-19), followed by his involvement in a variety of projects for institutions, project spaces, and universities in Germany, Netherlands, Serbia, U.K., Egypt, Turkey, United States, Brazil, Canada, France, Sweden, and India.
He was the guest curator for the CCBRUGGE in 2010. Along with his independently curated programs like “The invisible present” ( Brazil, USA), he recently guest-programmed a video art section for Rotterdam and Goteborg film festivals in Jan- Feb 2013.
Furthermore, he is currently working with photography, video, installation, and interactive projects, besides writing on the Tehran art scene and contemporary Iranian art for various magazines and his oat Tehran were discussed his ongoing curatorial project, an ongoing exhibition, and archive of Iranian art representation beyond its border. In the summer of 2014, Ghasemi co-funded New Media Society, a network-based research platform and library. He joined the Postgraduate M.A. Course “Art in Context” at the Berlin University of the Arts in 2015 and, in 2017, left it unfinished to return to Iran to focus on his curatorial projects at New Media Society and Tamaas Foundation for Media Arts.


You might have worked with various media in your projects as professional artists, but you somehow face the dilemma of archiving your works, and like many artists, you keep track of your projects.
Working with video/moving images as a medium or not, we will investigate how you have encountered these in your previous projects, researching your existing portfolios or your personal history. In the workshop, we will try to track down traces by selecting & redefining your current approach toward moving images, time-based media, or expanded media installations. Are we working the same as before? How can we imagine ways and configurations for translating our existing projects into alternative contexts and spaces?
What will happen if we stop producing “new” images and look collectively in our storage boxes, dark corners of our hard drives, and our online footprints for recovering, recycling, and re-articulating, stored /distorted/missing imaginaries? What subjects, policies, and context will emerge to bring about, discuss and share with others?
The workshop aims to develop an interdisciplinary and collective experience; with participants’ contributions in the visual arts, performance, literary and sound art. Accordingly, the proper context for defining the possible works to be completed during the workshop can range from merely visual works to participatory or social/documentary projects.