Online Exhibition “Narrative Texts and Maps”

From “1001: Collective Narrative” Workshop Exhibition:  With contributions from: Nahal Jafari / Shamim Taassob / Anahita Rezaei / Azadeh Zakeri / Shahab Anousha / Mobina Kastani‌khah / Amirali Ghasemi / Sarvanaz Yasari / Azadeh Behkish / Ali Ajdari Led by: Amirhossein Khorshidfar and Rojia Forouhar In Collaboration with New Media Former Summer School The online multimedia […]

Game as Participatory Art

Online Presentation by Shaghayegh Kamyar Tuesday May 4th, 2021 Time: 6:30 Tehran Time Link to zoom meeting In this session, Shaghayegh Kamyar will present excerpts from her master’s thesis entitled “Game as a Participatory Art”. In this paper, she had considered the game as a medium with potential possibilities for artistic expression. Albeit these […]

On Small File Media; Online Talk With Laura U. Marks

Animation; Experiment in Collaboration With New Media Society | No. 35 Thursday, April 29 8:30 to 10 pm (Iran Standard Time) 9 to 10:30 am (Pacific Time) Link to the session on Zoom: (The talk will be held in English with live translation to Persian and will be recorded for future access.) In this […]

Production of Place in the Works of Abu Turab Khosravi

Click here to access the recorded lecture (in Persian) Poetica Project in collaboration with New Media Society: Online Lecture by Khalil Dermanaki Date: Tuesday, February 16, 2021 Hours: 6 to 8 p.m. In this online lecture, Khalil Dermanki, who has previously written several articles and essays on the works of Aboutorab Khosravi, addressed the issue […]

Continuous | Multimedia Performances

New Media Society in collaboration of Vali Art Gallery Presents: Continuous (Motavali) | Multimedia Performances Opening: Friday, Feb 14, 2020 – 6 pm Visiting Hours: 4-8 pm Visting days: Weekdays except for Saturdays and Friday, Feb 21st. Motavali (Continuous) brings together various performative positions across different disciplines from Lecture Performance to Multimedia Installations. Projects which […]

Public Presentation (1) “Artist / Curators”: Defy the Competitive Norms | Amirali Ghasemi

Tuesday, Jan 7, 2020 At 6 pm A Repeated Question: Where Does It Come From? This presentation began with a set of questions that could help shape the boundaries, position, mechanism, and application of curatorial practice. As the title of the presentation suggests, the focus was on the relative proposition between the artist/curators, not a […]